Ian Rainey Ian Rainey: There’s a certain arrogance among some of those seeking to climb the corporate ladder that wisdom and experience don’t count for much when decisions about one’s future have to be taken - seldom do such individuals actually reach their potential!
Those however who know when to seek advice, and more importantly, listen and act upon it, value qualities such as wisdom, integrity and experience. Such people listen to Ian Rainey.

With more than 30 years experience in international commerce Ian understands global business and, more importantly, where an individual with identified talents and skills fits into one particular corporation or another. With many years in international banking, sitting on both sides of a deal and underwriting risks then careful and sound judgement is a necessary attribute, some might argue, a commercial imperative. And with knowledge gained in the global markets from Australia to the African continent and from the Americas to Europe, you find your insight into the global economic scene comes fairly intuitively.

So if you are a company, he’ll know what you want, and if you are looking for a career opportunity, he’ll know where to find it. You see, a bit like the Spice Girls, he knows what you want, what you really, really want. Because he knows how international companies go about their business and understands their resource needs Ian Rainey can quickly and professionally make judgements about where you might make your mark. And because he is cognisant of the recruiting policies of such companies he knows when to approach them and when to stay away, ensuring your hopes aren’t falsely raised and that every inquiry he makes is one based on an informed choice.

Ian has worked in South Africa, the Far East, Europe, Australia and the USA and held directorships in companies all over the world.
Ian Rainey ‘knows’ business. To listen is to learn is to grow.



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