Interim Management
Not everyone wants a permanent position and indeed not every company we work with, either here or abroad, wants someone permanently.
Many of the international businesses we work with value experience gained globally and are prepared to pay for it on a short-term basis which can be anything from a few months to a couple of years.

These companies have suddenly found themselves with a vacancy due to circumstances beyond their control or require a particularly skilled individual on a short-term basis as part of a future strategic plan. Your skills, talents and personalities might be valuable to someone, somewhere and if you like and thrive on short bursts of activity that add genuine value to a corporation then Interim Management might be something worth considering.

But what if you are a company thinking about Interim Management for the first time – why bother? Simple – you get a highly qualified individual who comes to you for a short period of time and who costs a little less than someone on a full-time basis including all the costs normally associated with employment. (Indeed this person will be a lot less than an external consultant who may not have any experience of your particular sector.)

And this professional who can hit the ground running will normally have more years of experience that you might have first considered employing and so the added value of having them around for a while is high enough to make it difficult to fully calculate.
So how should you think about Interim Management? Don’t think stop-gap and don’t think waste of money. Think, highly motivated professional that won’t cost you the earth and who can stay as long as you need them.

Right now we know where the IM opportunities reside. If this is something you find attractive then please register on-line or give us a call on

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