Career Transition Consultancy

Making decisions about the future of your professional workforce are never easy because when you decide to part with the services of a particular individual a whole gamut of human emotions come into play. Those who tell you to stick to the hard commercial reality of the situation have never had to make the kind of decisions with which you are faced.

You see, we all want to be liked, even after making tough choices, Companies in this respect are no different than people, given that, well… businesses are run by people! Yet at the heart of these challenging decisions is also a cold commercial reality, namely, that if you want to continue in business you will at some point want to hire again and so it’s important to have good relationships with those in the marketplace that view your company as potentially career enhancing. That’s why investing in the post employment training of those you no longer either need nor can afford is worthwhile lest you get a poor reputation as an employer.

At MSL we understand how to square that particular circle because we know how to get the best out of those with whom you have to depart company and we know that a little investment now in their futures will save you a lot of grief in the long run as well as ensure a hard working former employee leaves knowing he or she has been treated with total respect.
Talk to us about Career Transition Consultancy and we’ll talk to you about the importance of investing today in those you don’t need tomorrow


Here is a list of company’s that have used our Career Transition Programme:


Viridian Group / NIE
Ulster Carpets Ltd
Dale Farm Ltd
Rolls Royce Ltd
Marconi Plc/VIA Systems Ltd
Saica Packaging UK Plc



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