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The English dictionary defines ‘search’ as: to explore something thoroughly in order to try to find someone or something; to examine closely or scrutinise.

The dictionary affords ‘selection’ the following definition: the act or process of selecting or being selected.
At MSL we are very thorough in our search to select the most appropriate job to match your skills, talents, personality and ambitions. Naturally, if you are a company searching to select the right person for the job, well then, we are just as thorough and innovative!
And that’s really all you need to know because once we are agreed that we have found the right career move for you, or indeed the right person, we will then negotiate on your behalf, the best available deal given current market conditions.
At the end of the day isn’t that what you want – the right move, at the right time to the right place for the right compensation?
At MSL, we get it right!



9th Floor Causeway Tower,9 James St South, Belfast, Co. Antrim, BT2 8DN +44 (028) 9043 4343

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